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Values-Driven, Mission-Focused

We strive to be a business and a school that’s grounded in our values. Everything we do needs to have the proper WHY behind it. We don’t want to do anything “just because,” or because “that’s how other martial arts schools do it.” We do everything with a purpose. Our mission statement is clear: We better ourselves to better our world.

Our plans, projects, and lessons are designed to fulfill our mission, and our mission is grounded in our operating values.

Our Values
– We strengthen each other through respect.
– We promote honesty and integrity.
– We foster a culture of acceptance.
– We are a safe place.
– We are leaders through service.
– We encourage a positive mindset.
– We celebrate individual progress.
– We live a healthy lifestyle: physically, mentally, and spiritually.
– We grow through regular training and personal development.
– We are fiscally healthy and responsible.
– We leave our training facility, our community, and our world better than we found it.

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