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Olivia Yates

Hi! I’m Liv

I hold a black belt in Kenpo and a blue belt in Jiu-Jitsu (working toward earning my black belt). I am currently in high school, studying for pre-law and political science. I am a musician and enjoy writing in my spare time.
I started martial arts when I was 13 after wanting a way to be more confident and learn how to defend myself if I ever had a situation occur that would call for that. I believe self-confidence is the key to being great at anything you do.

Life Skills Coloring Sheet: Determination

Here is the link to the PDF for anyone who wants to download and print our Life Skills coloring sheet…

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Steps Toward a Happier Life

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"Your Life. Your Story." A Bully Defense Article

Link to the PDF is here: "Your Life. Your Story." A Mindset for Bully Defense By Sensei Bud

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