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30 Social Skills Parents Can Practice With Their Children

Life skills parents can practice with their children

💥Social Skills for Kids💥
1. Taking turns
2. Praising others
3. Celebrating successes
4. Helping others
5. Sharing possessions
6. Asking for help
7. Winning with grace
8. Losing with dignity
9. Giving helpful criticism
10. Using proper voice tone and volume
11. Following directions
12. Being kind
13. Encouraging others
14. Apologizing when necessary
15. Staying on task
16. Waiting patiently
17. Communicating clearly
18. Accepting differences
19. Listening actively
20. Accepting criticism
21. Handling disappointment
22. Resisting peer pressure
23. Disagreeing with respect
24. Thinking before speaking
25. Using good manners
26. Working with others
27. Making eye contact
28. Recognizing the feelings of others
29. Understanding one’s own feelings
30. Setting goals

We’re Having a Cook Out!

Open House / Cook Out!

Grand Central Training Facility and Gravity Martial Arts are hosting an Open House / Cook Out for our members and our community!

Saturday, September 22 @ 1:00 PM

This event is a way to say thank you to our members who support us, encourage us, and believe in our mission. It’s also an opportunity to invite the community to our facility to meet us and learn more about what we offer.

Cook Out Event Page on Facebook