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M/W 4:30-5:40; T/Th 6:20-8:30 PM

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Our Mission

We better ourselves to better our world.

Our purpose is to serve our students, members, and families at the highest level. To achieve this goal, we constantly improve upon everything we do to better our service. We live by our mission to better ourselves so we can better serve our members.

Our Vision:
We strive to lead the way in providing a service to help good kids become great, serve as a supplement to parents who work hard to raise their children right, and ultimately create excellent future leaders.

Our Operating Values:
We strengthen each other through respect.
We promote honesty and integrity.
We foster a culture of acceptance.
We are a safe place.
We are leaders through service.
We encourage a positive mindset.
We celebrate individual progress.
We live a healthy lifestyle: physically, mentally, and spiritually.
We grow through regular training and personal development.
We are fiscally healthy and responsible.
We leave our training facility, our community, and our world better than we found it.